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This Library contains the keynote paper for the website, three book-length manuscripts, four shorter related articles by the author, and  eight synopses of current books, both secular and Christian. My articles and manuscripts were written over a period from 1992 to date. The book synopses are very current and fulfill a purpose dating from January, 2009, of being able to interpret the signs of our times.

The keynote paper is the one suggested to be the first read, which gives a succinct exposition of God's biblical plan for restoring Christianity before Jesus returns. That plan is the motivation for the entire website.

The book manuscripts were originally the main focus of this website. The most important of the manuscripts, in this writer's opinion, is The Church in Transition. This shows biblically how God is dealing with Christianity in the period leading up to and into The Great Tribulation.

The vision documents are this writer's personal view of his Christian ministry in our times.

The book synopses are useful for Christians' interpretation of what's rapidly accelerating as signs of the times in our lives. They are focused on the present period before the Great Tribulation, which this writer believes are what Jesus called the beginning of sorrows.

KEYNOTE PAPER  (5 pages).


One of these manuscripts has been self-published. All are freely downloadable here, copyable, and sellable at no profit under the terms of the copyrights.

This 98-page manuscript shows that God is going to restore His Church, to reinstitute both the prophetic and the apostolic, as they existed in the First Century. He's going to do this to prepare the Church for ministry during what is called the Great Tribulation. And, that shall produce what is called the Great Harvest.

This book is the follow-on to The Church Visited, described below. This one resulted from prophetic reception of 85 scriptures in nine sets during the period 1998-2004. The interpretations of these scripture sets were labeled the Post-'97 Impartations, corresponding to the Impartations-'97, which produced the first book.

The first book detailed the 'what' and 'why' of God's plan for the very-end-times. The present book is the 'how.' The writer recommends that this book be viewed first. If the reader is still interested, then the second book may be read for more background.

This book shows that the so-called Overcoming Church of the Book of Revelation shall operate in much the same form and fashion as the First-Century Church, and for the same reason, being governmental oppression. Together, both Impartations and resulting books give a complete view of the transition coming to the Church before Jesus returns.

A 120-page manuscript of the book of the same name, published by Gazelle Press of Mobile, Alabama. ISBN 1-58169-093-2. This book resulted from prophetic receipt by a home church of 95 scriptures over a period of six months during 1997-98. Those ten sets were labeled 'Impartations-'97' by the home church. Each scripture set had a common context. The sets linked together in sequence, to make a story. The book was that story.

This book is a detailing of the future of the corporate Christian Church in what is biblically called The Day of the Lord. Jesus called it a day of Great Tribulation. The message of Impartations-'97 lays the scriptural foundation for 'what' and 'why' must occur in two phases, to prepare the mature Church for ministry in a time of Great Tribulation and Great Harvest.

A 129-page pattern (type) for the Christian walk from faith to maturity. It's based on the walk of the ancient Israelites from Egyptian captivity to life in the Promised Land. A pattern for both the Christian individual and the corporate Church. A sequence of seventy Old Testament events that map over into New Testament events for the Christian.

This pattern shows seven progressive phases, named Faith, Truth, Spirituality, Power, Ministry, Doctrine, and Maturity. This is the basis for a subsequently developed seven-fold scriptural model for Christianity.


These vision documents comprise my personal testimony plus my vision for both the corporate Church and my personal ministry.

A 4-page personal testimony about how God got the writer's attention in 1984. What Christianity means to the writer is a very personal relationship with Jesus, based on communication. Verbal communication. Two-way communication. Which is scriptural, of course.

Twelve (12) pages. Every minister of Christ needs a corporate vision, as well as an individual vision. The corporate vision is what God is doing in the Church at the time. The individual vision is how the minister's efforts fit the corporate vision.

Different ministers may have differing corporate visions, and that's OK, in so far as they all agree on the major points. And, that's because God doesn't give any one person the entire picture. That is so His ministers will work together and share their corporate visions. This combination of corporate and individual visions is my own.


Following are ten short writings, synopsizing eight books, two Christian and six secular. They appear here because they give valuable insights into current 'signs of the times'. These books are by George Barna, the premier statistician of American Christianity, Professor Samuel Huntington of Harvard, Dr. Martin Weiss of Weiss Research, Mark Steyn, a political writer, Bernard Goldberg, former CBS News Reporter, Thomas J. DiLorenzo, a Professor of Economics at Loyola College of Maryland, Alister McGrath, a Professor of Historical Theology at Oxford University, and Lyle Rossiter, M.D., a forensic psychiatrist in St. Charles, Illinois.

A 4-page review of George Barna's 2005 book, Revolution. Connecting his book with the sevenfold Christian model (In Library-4). Barna's results as an interpretation of yet another sign of the very end-times.

A 20-page synopsis of Who Are We? by Harvard's Professor Samuel P. Huntington. His book documents in detail the fact that America always was and remains a Christian nation, founded by Anglo-Saxon Protestants. It shows that since 1965 an elite coalition has attempted to deconstruct this American identity by claiming otherwise. The paper concludes with my own connection with Huntington's book, of scriptures used in the manuscript, The Church in Transition. Huntington's book is a distinct contribution to Christianity's ability to interpret the signs of these very end-times.

A 17-page synopsis of The Ultimate Depression Survival Guide by Dr. Martin D. Weiss of Weiss Research. His book documents how we got into the world's current financial crisis, and what individuals need to do about it. He predicted the current crisis in testimony before Congress up to two years ago, to no avail. His detailing of how the country got where it is, now, is comprehensive. Although the book is not written from a Christian standpoint, it is very useful to Christians, especially to old folks like me, as to how to protect what you have.

A 7-page synopsis of America Alone, The End of the World as We Know It, by Mark Steyn. He provides a highly controversial vision of where America is going, from where it is, now. He also goes into great documented detail about how it politically got where it is, now. This is a political view comparable to Dr. Weiss' view of America's finances. Although Steyn's writing style may be a little brash for mature Christians, his fact-based reasoning is rock solid, in this writer's opinion.

A 6-page synopsis of BIAS, by Bernard Goldberg. An anecdotal book showing how major TV Network News organizations slant to the left their reporting about major cultural issues. Goldberg quotes many, many conversations with the CBS News President, Producers, night-time News 'Stars', and other News notables about how they were reporting the news. His characterizations put a face on those elites reported elsewhere who are attempting to deconstruct America.

A 5-page synopsis of The Real Lincoln, by Thomas J. DiLorenzo. This detailed study of history, shows what the real cause of the Civil War was, and it was not the issue of slavery. It was the issue of the form of our government. Lincoln wanted to change it from what the Founding Fathers had set up, into a form like the British Government, from which the U.S. had escaped, just 85 years before. Lincoln won, and his new form of government was the progenitor of what we have today, ... which is the source of many of our problems.

A 12-page synopsis of Christianity's Dangerous Idea, by Alister McGrath. This book fills in much detail of the continued American development of Protestantism after it was imported from Britain in 1620. The American people continued developing Protestantism and Protestantism was the foundation of the United States. This book supports the supposition that the last hope of Christianity is the U.S., and vice-versa.

A 12-page synopsis of The Liberal Mind, by Lyle H. Rossiter, M.D., a forensic psychiatrist of 40 years experience diagnosing and treating personality disorders. Dr. Rossiter technically characterizes the thought processes of those he labels radical liberal activists as a transference neurosis. This characterization is based on 26 beliefs (and unbeliefs) shared by such people. This book serves the purpose of helping readers understand some of the 'insanity' coming out of Washington, D.C., these days.

A 6-page synopsis of Walking With God by John Edredge. This book details a year in the author's life, wherein he routinely talked to the Lord daily, and heard His replies. The hearing was that of a phonetic voice. It just wasn't coming in through his ears as sound waves. Eldredge's analysis of that year's experiences provided valuable information on God's purposes for such experience. It varied from healing of the believer's soulish heart to spiritual warfare.

A 39-page writing, based on the works of some 19 reputable authors, both secular and Christian. It deals with the issues of where America is politically, how it got there, and where it is going. It then relates those issues to the biblical role of Christianity, from America's beginning to these end-times, relying on the interpretation of several Bible prophecies. It shows what God's Plan is for America in these very end-times and what Americans need to understand.

A 20-page writing, putting together an interpretational model from all the book synopses. It integrates the results of the books, to produce a model for making such interpretation in today's world. In particular, it shows the prophetic biblical importance of the United States to God's ongoing plan for the very end-times. It points at our present times as Jesus' "beginning of sorrows", to which these interpretations apply.



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