This Library contains a number of short articles written over a period from 1995 to date. These writings are categorized into the groups, Going on to Completion and Great Tribulation.


Concerning the completion of Jesus' restorational task for the Church, to be completed prior to His second physical advent.

This 21-page paper is suggested to be the first read on this website, to show whether or not the reader has further interest. It summarizes 'the story,' in more detail than in the first section of the website, but not in the full detail of the two book length manuscripts. It presents both some needed structural background, plus a look at the venues of the spiritual warfare of the very end-times.

This 7-page writing was motivated by a 2007 book by Andrew Strom on the so-called 'prophetic movement.' This writing integrates Strom's 'Great Revival' concept with the whole Bible that prophesies such an event in the very end-times. Presented are the scriptural details of how the last Great Revival shall happen.

Here is a 6-page outline for a scripture-based course to train Christians about ministry in the Great Tribulation. Completion is what the Bible is all about, and it's what the very end-times are all about. It will be accomplished on Earth in God's way. More than 100 references.

A 10-page augmentation of a 2-page 1998 writing, incorporating new additional results on the same subject. A concise description of the biblically required end-times restorative transition in Christianity.

A 15-page scriptural picture of God's sixth (transitional) end-times move of seven, to restore the modern Church. Taken from the Book of Joshua. This is the move that prepares the Church for the victorious spiritual combat of the Great Tribulation. The move is in fifteen parts, corresponding to the sevenfold model of Christianity, which is detailed in one of the later writings. This early writing documented the writer's discovery of the scriptural seven-element model of the Christian Church.

This 22-page writing is an amplified view of God's sixth move of restoration of the modern Church. This view focuses on the communication of God's very end-times prophets with the body of the Church. These prophets play a corporate role of the Elijah Type, just prior to a corporate appearance of Jesus in the very end-times Church. His appearance is before His individual second coming in the Rapture. His corporate appearance is a second manifestation of the Elisha type. This writing looks in detail at various biblical types applying to communication in the very end-times. It is this writer's opinion that increasing communication is a sign of the very end-times.


Concerning the relation between the so-called Rapture and what Jesus labeled as the Great Tribulation.

Three (3) pages. Uses three scriptures to show that a 'Pre-Tribulation Rapture' is bad doctrine. Christians cannot be prepared for the Great Tribulation if they think they won't be here for it.

A 6-page scriptural understanding of today's world and where it is headed. The Earthly judgment is on both Church and world, with the Church judgment happening first. Connection with God's grace and the Great Harvest.

Eight (8) pages. Looking for miraculous signs. What Jesus said about it. Look for the sign that He said would be given.



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