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This Library contains a number of short articles written from 1997 to date. They are all in the context of personal spiritual ministry and life in Christ.


Concerning the 'Prophetic,' ... what it is, ... and its role in the very end-times Church.

An 8-page writing, with co-author, Froukje Eibrinks Jansen of the Netherlands. Describes seven ministries for those gifted in prophecy. Matches the sevenfold Christian model. Froukje had the ministries and this writer had the model. Six references to books of the '90s.

This 3-page writing is an update of a 2001 piece, previously entitled "The Office of the Prophet." It deals with the idea that any of the fivefold ministries of [Eph. 4:11] are an 'office' in a church's vertical authority structure. This writing shows that First Century church governance was comprised of a 'set man' plus an elder group. And, the 'set man' could be any of the fivefold ministers, provided they had a shepherd's heart (which they all should have in their individual ministries). It shows scripturally that instead of being an office, any one of the fivefold ministries is a functional practice, in the same sense as that of a lawyer or medical doctor.

An 8-page examination of where the Church is in its transitional preparation for operations during the Great Tribulation. Uses the results of Impartations-'97 and the writer's book, The Church Visited. Notes the parallelism with David Wilkerson's 1985 book, Set the Trumpet to Thy Mouth. Applies the sevenfold Church model to define the preparational steps.

Eight (8) pages. God's prophets are, ... not were. In the very end-times, the prophets have one last job, before Jesus collects His Church in what has been called the 'Rapture.' This is the same job prophets have had before, as in the Old Testament Elijah and his New Testament manifestation, John the Baptist. And, that job is to prepare the way for Jesus' (this time corporate) appearance (Gk. phaneroo) in the Body of Christ, before the Rapture. This time, 'Elijah' will also be corporate. This writing, including a 3-page Appendix, makes this case, scripturally.

  • The Elijah Factor (2009).

    This 12-page paper is to pack as few words as possible into a description of the key idea to understanding very end-times Christianity. That idea is the third manifestation of the ‘Elijah’ Ministry. This time it is to restore Christianity in preparation for Jesus’ second physical advent. It will perform that restoration in conjunction with the prophesied spiritual appearance (Gk.-phaneroo) of Jesus before His return (Gk.-parousia). This top-level paper is to allow readers to quickly decide if they wish to read more detailed handling of the subject in companion papers and manuscripts.


Concerning the communicational aspect of a Christian's personal relationship with Jesus. Includes this writer's personal testimony, plus a recent book synopsis.

Nine (9) pages. Hearing Jesus via the conscience. Scriptural 'psychology,' which is a Greek New Testament word, meaning 'soul-expression.' An engineer's diagram of the scriptural body, soul, and spirit.

Four (4) pages. Anybody can talk to Jesus. That's called prayer. But, can anybody hear Jesus' voice, phonetically, in the head? The answer is "yes." And, the key is expecting it, earnestly, as an act of faith. This writing makes the scriptural case. As one might expect, this is one important aspect of the personal relationship between the Christian believer and Jesus. Also scripturally covered is possible deception by other, demonic, 'little voices' in the head.

Six (6) pages. There is a reputable Christian author who has come out now and written an entire book about talking to God, and hearing Him answer. It is John Eldredge's Walking With God. The link above is to the synopsis of his book.


Concerning what worship was in the early Church, ... what it is now, ... and what it can be.

A 3-page scriptural examination of what God intends worship to be. It is simple. It is not complicated at all. It is man who complicates worship. If you want a scriptural picture of it, think of a faithful hound, licking his master's hand in adoration. This writing defines worship from what is written about it in the Bible. It clarifies what is meant by worshiping in spirit and in truth. It also characterizes false worship.

Two (2) pages. Worship can be defined as being fed. But, can working as a 'feeder' be defined as worship? The Bible says it can. This interpretation is based on Deuteronomy 12, together with what Paul told the elders at Ephesus in Acts 20. The ancient teaching and worship practices of the Christian Church are compared to those of the present day.


Concerning why bad things happen to good people.

This 14-page writing deals extensively with the scriptural foundation for understanding tribulation in the individual Christian's life. And what to do about it. It examines how God's people can be individually subject to demonic oppression of mind or body, as were Paul and Job. It relates such oppression to God's chastisement of His sons and daughters. A byproduct is training Christians to minister to afflicted believers during the very end-times. Very specific steps are given for diagnosing and resisting demonic oppression, if such is in the will of God. This is perhaps the most useful 'how-to-do-it' writing of the present series.



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