This Library contains eight short articles written over the period from 2000 to date.


A 3-page outline of God's plan for the very end-times corporate Church, as documented in the Bible. The corporate Church is also called the Body of Christ. This plan was only apprehended by this writer as a result of God's revelation of what I called Impartations-'97 and the Post-'97 Impartations, which are documented in other of the writings in this series. Impartations-'97 comprised the 'What' and 'Why' of God's plan, while the Post-'97 Impartations comprised the 'How.' The outline underlies the writing of two book-length manuscripts, the first of which was self-published in 2002.

Eight (8) pages. Puts together both Impartations '97 and the Post-'97 Impartations, to get a picture of the whole story of God's restoration of the Church. One paragraph descriptions of all nineteen of the impartations, plus a Synopsis up front and a Conclusion. Gives nine "Jesus Essentials" and three "Rapture Essentials" up front.


An 8-page detailed specification of the sevenfold model of Christianity. It is a model that applies to both individual and corporate Christianity, in terms of both structure (the 'temple') and process (the walk).

The basic contexts are FAITH, TRUTH, SPIRIT, POWER, MINISTRY, DOCTRINE, and MATURITY. Eighteen sevenfold parameters are scripturally specified for each context. It was these eighteen that led to the model, via the 'Hermeneutic Spiral' principle of Protestant Bible interpretation. That is, the model is a seven-dimensional 'fit' in eighteen parameters.

37 slides in PDF form, for self-study or formal teaching. The slides are simple enough to allow the reader to grasp the seven basic contexts, described above. What may also be grasped from the slides is the building up of the model from all the scriptures that apply.

A 1-page description of what a congregation would look like if it displayed all the elements of the sevenfold Christian model.

This is a self-grading 5-page, 70-question test in EXCEL™ that reveals which of the seven 'grace' gifts of Romans 12:6-8 you have, and to what extent. It numerically evaluates your gifts on a scale from 0 to 5. The test originated with the  Bill Gothard Ministries. When executed in Microsoft Excel, it is self-grading.

This is the same test as above, except it is intended for use in paper form with pencil. It is manually graded.

Two (2) pages on God's intentional, permissive, and ultimate wills, which accommodate His gift of free will to Man. Follows several other authors' writings on the subject. Motivated by the need to see that God's Great Tribulation plan for the churches and the Church is indeed part of His ultimate will.



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