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This website hosts Christian writings about the times from now into The Great Tribulation. The purpose of this website is to make these writings freely available in down-loadable form.


  1. This website is pointed at those who are called to the perfecting of the saints for the work of the ministry [Eph. 4:12].
  2. Your interest in these writings will be determined by your [Rom. 12:6-8] giftings.
  3. Your finding of this site will be because you are searching for something.
  4. Many Christians are now searching for how they can be the Church, rather than just go to church. And, that's not just me saying it.
  5. You may well be that part of modern Christianity looking for ... itself.


  1. It's about Christianity, from now on.
  2. The difference between the Church and the churches.
  3. What the Bible says that Jesus is going to do about it.
  4. How Jesus is already preparing Christianity for end-times ministry pointed at the Great Tribulation.
  5. What happens to you when the Great Tribulation comes and you're still here.


  1. God first tells His prophets, ... always. [Amos 3:7].
  2. The prophets carry God's words to the Church, ... still.
  3. It's time to separate fact from fiction.
  4.  The prophetic is a gift, not a movement.
  5. Charismatism is not a substitute for the Bible.


  1. God's prophets still write.
  2. And, God still speaks ...
  3. .... to those who have ears to hear [Luke 8:8].
  4. And, God still has many in reserve.
  5. It's time to come out of the cave [1 Ki. 19:12-18].



A Turn in the Road:

Until January, 2009, these writings had all been about the scriptural Restoration of the Church in the very end-times, starting now, and proceeding into The Great Tribulation. However, in January the writer was tasked to synopsize some current secular books dealing with culture, government, politics, economy, and finance. It was quickly seen that these synopses contributed to a model for interpreting the signs of our times. And, that is what the understanding Christian Church must be able to do in these times of Jesus' Second Advent.

The documents in the library sections, below, comprise three book-length manuscripts and a number of shorter related articles written over a period from 1992 to date. These books are all about structure and process in the very end-times Church.

The documents are categorized. You may jump directly into the libraries to a category of interest by selecting its name, below. There, you will find short descriptions of the content of each document.

In the libraries, you may view the documents in Adobe Postscript and freely download them, if desired.

There is an 11-page document entitled, The Library, which contains one-paragraph descriptions of all the writings on the website. This descriptive INDEX, as it's labeled in the left-hand Navigation column, will give guidance to sort through the documents presently in the libraries.

Additionally, this writer thinks that the  5-page Keynote Paper is the one to read first, reading the others if still interested. It is a summary of the message on which this website is focused, and can also give the reader information about whether or not to read on.


The most detailed category is that of the three full-length book manuscripts. Of the three, the most important is that which details the 'how' of God's Great Tribulation plan for Christianity. The next backs it up with the 'what' and 'why.'

 Finally, there is the third, which shows in seventy steps the fundamentals of Christianity, from faith to maturity. It is based on the walk of the ancient Israelites, from captivity in Egypt to freedom in the Promised Land. It makes good background reading, about the fundamentals of Christianity, from beginning to end.

  1. The Keynote Paper (1) - A 5-page paper, describing the topic motivating the entire website, being God's scriptural plan for the very end-times.
  2. Books and Manuscripts (3) - Full-length books on God's scriptural plan for earthly Christianity in the very end-times.
  3. The Great Tribulation (3) - Ministry in the Very-End-Times.
  4. Going On to Completion (6) - End-Times Restoration of the Church.
  5. Worship (2) - True and False.
  6. Hearing Jesus (3) - Individual Christian communication with Jesus. The basis for a personal relationship with Him.
  7. The Prophetic (5) - The Prophetic Ministry.
  8. Spiritual Warfare (1) - Survival in the Very-end-Times.
  9. Vision Documents (2) - The writer's vision for ministry in today's corporate Church.
  10. Book Synopses (11) - Eight book synopses and two papers based on them, dealing with interpreting the signs of our times.
  11. Condensed Book Outlines (2) - Short outlines of the full-length books, providing an overall view.
  12. Seven-Fold Christianity (6) - A structure and process model for understanding corporate and individual Christianity.




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