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This is not your average Christian website. How we got here is a story in itself.

Basically, in 1997, a prophetic group got run out of a local charismatic Methodist church and started meeting in a private dwelling as a home group. The group started praying for the Lord to reveal the future of that local church.

The Lord answered that prayer by revealing the future of the entire Christian Church in the very end-times. He revealed it from the Bible. Talk about getting your prayers answered !

One of the home group members was a lady who was on her second 40-day, water-only fast. She used the bathroom a lot. She started coming back into the meeting room with scripture citations she'd just been given. She was not a Bible scholar, so a teacher member of the group started interpreting the cited scriptures between meetings. This went on until ten sets of scriptures had been received, totaling 95 verses.

Each scripture set had a context common to all the verses. The sets, taken in the order received, made up a story. The story was about Jesus' spiritual appearance in His very end-times Church, and what He would find. It told what He would do about it, and why.

At the end of the first ten sets of scriptures, the home group broke up after the teacher had heart surgery. But, the prophetess and the teacher both kept on getting scriptures. They made up a second story. It was how the Lord would accomplish His very end-times objectives for the Church. Again, this second story was completely Bible-based.

This website contains those two stories in manuscript-length PDF files, freely downloadable. The site also contains shorter pieces related to the two stories. The home-group teacher is the scribe who provides these written materials.


The Great Tribulation.

The Lord is bringing earthly judgment, first upon the Church and then upon the world, as Peter said [1 Pet. 4:17]. And, at a certain point in this judgmental period, He is going to bring what is called The Great Tribulation [Mat. 24:21]. There shall be physical catastrophes upon the Earth, as described in [Rev. 8]. And, Jesus said they are worse than anything that has happened since the world began.

Christians will be here for most of it. That is, Christians who are alive at the beginning of the Great Tribulation shall either end up being martyred or they shall suffer through most of The Great Tribulation.

Make no mistake. The Great Tribulation is God's will, and Jesus is in charge of it [1 Cor. 15:24]. In the Old Testament, it is called The Day of God's Vengeance [Isa. 61:2]. That's the scripture that Jesus didn't read when he declared His first ministry [Luke 4:18-19]. He shall declare it during His spiritual appearance (Gk. phaneroo) in the very end-times, before The Rapture [1 John 2:28].

And, the churches don't teach this. Christianity is not prepared for the Great Tribulation and the role they are called to play in it.

Restoration of the Church.

During the time of Great Tribulation, governments shall fall and economies collapse. And, two demon-possessed leaders shall come to power, one to run the world government, and his assistant, to run the visible churches. Those in the visible churches who do not worship the governmental leader shall be killed. The reign of the so-called Antichrist [1 John 2:18] and False Prophet of Revelation shall last for forty-two months [Rev. 13:5].

Surviving Christians shall not be 'raptured out' until near the end of this period. Because of [Mat. 24:29], the rapture cannot be before the 'fourth trumpet' of Revelation-8,. In [1 Cor. 15:52], Paul told us that it was at the 'last trumpet,' which is the seventh, in Revelation-11. So, Christians who survive martyrdom shall be here for most of the Great Tribulation.

But, it is during the period leading up to and entering in to The Great Tribulation that God shall restore the Church, as prophesied [Mat. 17:11]. It won't be in a form conceived by man, but by God. Specifically, He shall first restore the prophetic and then the apostolic, which have been missing from the formal church venue since about 250 A.D.

The purpose of that restoration is to prepare Christianity for ministry during The Great Tribulation, for bringing in The Great Harvest, which happens then. And, it is Jesus who shall do all of this, through His body, The Body of Christ.


The reason is idolatry. It's idolatry in the world and it is idolatry in the churches. Idolatry within God's people is always the reason He brings physical judgment upon them, individually and corporately.

When Jesus' disciples asked when the Great Tribulation would occur, He said it would be when Christians see the 'abomination of desolation,' spoken of by Daniel, standing in the Holy Place [Mat. 24:15]. He was referring to Daniel-12, which is about the very-end-times.

Daniel's 'abomination' was an idol. 'Desolation' is the destruction of the Church. The Great Tribulation occurs during a time when Christians see the idolatry in the churches.

Paul told the church at Thessalonica that the second coming of Christ would not happen until there first came a great falling away in the churches [2 Ths. 2:1-4]. 'Falling away' is an English synonym for 'apostasy.' So, the scripture means that there must first be the revealing of an Antichrist and an apostate church.

Jesus warned the very-end-times Church about apostasies such as teaching idolatry and fornication (worshiping false gods) [Rev. 2:14]. So, the nature of the offense that draws the end-times judgment of the Lord is corporate idolatry, inside the churches.

Because our Christian Church is now seventeen centuries removed from Jesus' original Church, it is difficult for us to recognize when today's churches have moved into idolatry. But, it can manifest in seemingly very small things. Basically, it is worshiping anything that is not God.

Idolatry can even be seemingly good works. A chilling example is in [Mat. 7:21-23].

Some Christians see the 'abomination of desolation' sooner than do others. But, it is there, and Jesus is going to fix that, before He delivers the Kingdom to His Father.


Jesus' Corporate Spiritual Appearance.

There are two of the five-fold ministries that are not seen these days in non-charismatic churches [Eph. 4:11]. Even when seen, they are a far cry from what existed in the early Church. So, Jesus is going to restore both the prophetic and the apostolic, the former first and the latter second. And, the prophetic restoration is already under way. This website is proof of that.

Jesus is going to do this restoration by making a spiritual appearance in the Body of Christ, the corporate Church. He will corporately appear before his individual coming in the clouds to pick up His Church in the Rapture [1 Ths. 4:17]. That latter event is known in Greek as His parousia 'coming'. The former, in Greek, is His phaneroo 'appearance' [1 John 2:28].

It is Jesus' phaneroo appearance before His parousia return that gives the Church the confidence to hold on during the Great Tribulation.

A New-Church/Old-church Situation (Again)

The prophetic is to be restored so that it can bring a message of repentance to the churches. That message is that the churches are in precisely the condition prophesied in both Old- and New-Testament. The message is one that can be verified by reading the Bible. Thus, it is not some 'new' message.

What is seemingly new is that God has had to bring this message to the attention of the churches by showing it to the prophets who are to carry it. But, even that is not new, since it's what God did with John the Baptist and Jesus, concerning their 'old church.' When it wouldn't listen, He created a new church, using His  apostles to do the leg work after He left. So, what is happening today is a repeat of the 'new-church/old-church' situation that we have seen before.

This time, however, the appearance of both 'John The Baptist' and 'Jesus' shall be corporate. The latter shall be by Jesus' phaneroo appearance in His Body of Christ. And, this forerunning corporate prophetic appearance may also be viewed as the third advent of Elijah [Mat. 17:10-12].

Restoring the Prophetic and Apostolic.

The whole point of this restoration of the Church, via its prophetic and apostolic ministries, is to prepare it for ministry during the Great Tribulation. The Church must be restored to its First Century form. It shall once again minister during a time of secular government oppression and Christian martyrdom.

The prophetic is restored first, because it is the prophetic that brings the message to the churches that are into idolatry. It also confronts the false prophetic that supports that idolatry.

The next task for the restored prophetic is to restore the apostolic. In fact, the apostolic shall be made up of prophets become apostles. The Old Testament types are David and Solomon or Elijah and Elisha. New Testament types are John and Paul.

Apostolic governance must be restored in Christianity, because teaching the Church about its condition is part of training it for ministry in the Great Tribulation. Before it can be taught, though, the very end-times Church must first be birthed.

Many of the churches will reject this idea of ministry during the Great Tribulation. But, the unbelievers won't. So, they will come into the Church, and be trained for ministry. This will enable what is known as the Great Harvest.

The Friend of the Bridegroom.

Because this message will not attract the bulk of the 'old church,' the 'new church' shall be created just as it originally was. It shall be formed largely from unbelievers, in churches started by apostles. This mass of new Christians shall then be seen as the last Great Harvest [Mat. 13:30].

This is not to disparage the existing Church. For it shall go underground during the Great Tribulation. But, first it shall have birthed the Church that shall overcome the Great Tribulation [Rev. 12:5-6, 11]. And, the mother shall be blessed for the falling and rising of many [Luke 2:29].

The apostles play a corporate male role, with respect to the corporate female Bride of Christ. The male role is not that of bridegroom, because Jesus is the Bridegroom. The apostles are collectively the Friend of the Bridegroom, who prepares the bride for the marriage. And, so, the apostles do everything a male can do to prepare the bride. This is a distinctly masculine role.

The apostles shall not 'play church.' They shall not tolerate the false prophecy that supports the churches' idolatry. And, they shall continue this role right up to the Rapture.


This short write-up of The Story covers the essentials. Details are in two of the three manuscripts. The various short papers follow up on some of the issues. The bottom line is that the Lord is prepared for the Great Tribulation. Now, His Church must get prepared.




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